Dental Insurance… The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of it all

 Know your Dental Insurance….

HMO Insurance

Health Maintenance Organization, this option restricts your dental insurance coverage to a dental office within a limited network. You are required to pick a provider from a list. This list is provided by your dental insurance company. If you choose to see a dentist that is not on your list, you will not have any coverage for your services.

PPO Insurance

Preferred Provider Organization, this is similar to an HMO but it allows you to go to a dental office outside the “preferred” network. Patients are typically charged reduced rates if they see an in-network dentist. Depending on where you live, some services that are non-covered by your dental insurance, will not be at a reduced rate.

Indemnity Plan

This plan allows a patient to go to any dental office of their choosing. The difference between this plan and the others is you are usually charged the dentist’s normal fees. You will be responsible for the difference between what your dental insurance pays and what the dentist charges.

Discount Plans

These dental insurance plans strictly give you a percentage off of the dentist’s normal fee. Normally there is not a waiting period, yearly maximum or any claim forms to be sent in.

Dental insurance consumers often find dental insurance frustrating and confusing. That’s because what we expect it to do is NOT actually something it’s set up to do. Most people associate the word “insurance” with protection. We buy insurance to protect ourselves against unforeseen, large expenses. However, what we call “dental insurance” most often functions more like a discount coupon, than a form of insurance.

You need to visit the dental office at least twice each year to maintain optimal dental health. If you take care of your teeth, they will take care of you.

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